About Rising Empress

Our mission at Rising Empress is to provide unique, magical, innovative products that educate, empower, and inspire girls to rise to their potential. Our beautiful illustrated story book and trading cards, opens the door to imagination, inviting girls on a journey to discover the Empress within. Through their magical and enchanting stories, the Rising Empresses serve as positive role models, teaching timeless values that will empower girls to claim their Royal Crown.


Meet the Author

Cindy Harris, AuthorCindy Harris
President and CEO

A “Rising Empress of Communication,” Cindy Harris is passionate about educating and empowering girls to rise to their potential. Working for the Stephen Covey organization during college, Cindy learned that true empowerment comes from aligning one’s life goals with core values and integrity. As a mother of five children, with a background in education, Cindy understands the importance of empowering youth with values and tools that will allow them to discover their passions and follow their dreams. Working for the past ten-plus years for a non- profit organization, Cindy has served as President of a Young Women’s Organization (girls ages 12-18), a Children’s Organization (children ages 3-12) and served as the Director of a Naperville Girl’s Summer Camp.


Meet the Artist

Margaret Lee, IllustratorMargaret Lee

A “Rising Empress of Creative Design,” Margaret Lee’s beautiful illustrations create a visual story of magic that brings the Rising Empresses to life. As a mother of seven children and the owner of Margaret Lee Design (for the past nineteen years), Margaret has painted her way into the hearts of many with her beautiful murals and creative design. Working with both children and youth, Margaret understands the value of empowerment, and is passionate about teaching girls to find their self worth. As she opens the door through her creative illustrations, she invites girls everywhere to discover their royal potential.